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Your Memories Forever


The beauty of film  is that it was created by a filmmaker to tell their story  purpose, and can now last forever.  VHS Restore aims to bridge the gap between the analogue and digital to preserve the memories


VHS | Betamax | SVHS | DVD | 3``

We carefully create a faithful digital reproduction to ensure the images are immortalised.


Image Repair, Colour Grading, 4K/8k Upscale

We use the latest post-production and VFX techniques to create the best digital image possible.


Editing | Animation | Subtitles | Interviews

Using the preserved and restored footage, our team of professional filmmakers can work with you to create a specialised product that will stand the test of time.

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Quick Turnaround

Upload your pre-digitzed videos for upscaling and restoration via our online portal. You can be located anywhere in the world!


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Upload From Anywhere in the World

Upload Your Pre-Digitized Files for Restoration and Editing

Upload your pre-digitised files for quick turnaround restoration and upscaling via our digital portal. Our restoration services are global and your files can be uploaded from anywhere in the world.

We use cutting edge post-production techniques to bring your image to life. We can clean, colourgrade, restore and deliver your file in stunning 4k or 8k free from pixelation that comes with traditional upscaling. Keep your memories in tip-top shape.

Why Digitise?

VHS tapes are big, chunky, and take up a lot of space around your home. They’re also not very attractive to look at and can make a space, like a shelf, look cluttered and full. By choosing to convert your old VHS tapes, you can compile footage from all your tapes onto one small USB stick. A 4GB USB stick can hold around twenty-one hours of footage, whereas a standard VHS tape only holds two hours – that’s about ten tapes on one USB stick! Save space in your home and choose to convert your old VHS tapes to a digital format.

Not only is it highly unlikely that your friends and family will have a VHS player but lending your loved-ones a VHS tape is inconvenient. If your tape gets physically damaged on its travels then your family’s memories are lost with no back-up and if you’re lending them more than one tape, they’re going to need to carry them around. Digitising your home movies means that you can email them to your friends and family and make copies that are easily sharable and make great gifts too

VHS Tapes are magnetic strips and are designed to have a shelf life of 20-30 years. T his tape format can deteriorate to such an extent that it will no longer be playable. Once this happens the footage on them will certainly be lost forever if not digitised.

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A lot of what we do is bespoke to the client. We love filmmaking and look forward to creating a project that can be enjoyed by the whole family.